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Sunday, June 24, 2007

First Picture Puzzle

The image is from a birthday card I recieved. Spraymounted onto 1/4" birch plywood I found at Home Depot.

I still have to work on my smooth cuts. They stop and go quite a bit. The keys also need a lot of work. They didn't lock in the way I'd hope. If you pull from a corner, the puzzle will fall apart in sections. I also had a bad habit of making some of the sections too thin. I also cut into some of they keys. That would make the assembly much more difficult and defeat the purpose of a key.

I tried a freehand heart shape in the center. Man that turned out bad. I'll need a lot more practice. I wonder if puzzle makers do those first then come back and do the rest?

I think I'll have to order those Flying Dutchman puzzle blades. Even though I used the smallest blade, it still seemed like a large kerf.

I think I'll keep this puzzle in a bag. I'll pull it out in a year and see how far I've come!

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